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Necessity IS the mother of invention!

Kristi, a mother of three young children, found that coordinating her children’s after-school activities was no small task and left a great deal of room for error. (Have you ever had your child on the bus while you are sitting in car line…? Then you race home trying to beat the bus! Or, how many times have you had to call the school office to relay a message to your child, or your child has called you during the school day?  Think about how disruptive that is to the teachers and your child?) With her homemade version of what was to become mybackpacktags, Kristi found the answer: Provide a child with the tools to be successful, and they will succeed! Every morning on the drive to school, Kristi and her children discuss their after-school plans. (Some days each child has a different plan!) Each child is responsible for changing his or her own tag and does so with confidence and pride. Even the youngest child at age 3. During the school day, her children focus on learning, their teachers focus on teaching and Kristi rests assured knowing that the day will run smoothly for everyone. Kristi’s idea was so effective that teachers began recommending her idea and other families soon followed suit. A casual conversation between friends quickly resulted in Kristi teaming up with Camille, a mother of two children, to think about the idea on a bigger scale. The first step was to conduct a pilot study for the preschool and elementary aged children at their school. Kristi and Camille suspected that not only would mybackpacktags help other individual families, but that it would make an even bigger difference when an entire classroom of children used the tags. Results from the very first week told them it was a WIN-WIN-WIN! Children were organized, prepared, and confident; Teachers were free of distractions about children’s after-school plans; and Parents went about their day knowing that their child would know where to go!
Such a simple solution to a complex problem.

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