my backpack tags show me where to go!


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I don’t have time for one more thing in the morning.  Why should I use mybackpacktags?

Communicating plans with your child only takes a moment, and offers numerous benefits.

Children gain independence and confidence when their parents provide them with support and the tools to be successful.  Teachers are free to focus on teaching when they are not handling children’s after-school plans.  (No more distracting, last-minute phone calls and emails throughout the day.)  Parents can go about thier own busy day knowing that their child knows where to go!


What if my child travels between two houses?

Keep all the tags on the second carabiner and inside of your child’s back pack.  That way, the tags will be with your child at all times.  We do recommend a second set. So that the child can have the proper tags for each parent. 


What if my child has multiple activities?  

Use a separate activity tag for each activity and specify the activity in the “info” box on the back of the tag.


What if my child is riding home with someone else in carline?

Use the car tag.  In addition, if the other driver is not listed on your child’s file in the school office, use mynotepack (by mybackpacktags) to give your written permission for someone else drive your child.  mynotepack includes a note sleeve with a key ring attached – just clip  it on to your child’s carabiner.


Is it safe to write my child’s name on the back of the tags? 

If you find it a safety concern to have your child’s name in view of others, you may write: initials; just a last name; or use a first initial with a last name.


If I have more than one child, how do I manage all the tags?

Be sure to label each tag with each child’s name or initials.  You may choose to keep each child’s tags inside of their back pack.  This is a great way to teach older children to be responsible for changing their own tags (under your supervision).


What if my child’s routine never changes?

Keep the appropriate tag on the back pack every day. Your child’s teachers and the school staff will appreciate knowing where your child is going.


My child does not carry a back pack to school on some days.  What do I do?

Have your child carry their back pack to school, even if it is empty. This reinforces the good habit of being prepared and insures that your child will have their tag displayed.


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Please keep all key rings attached to key tags as assembled.  Unattached small parts
can be a choking hazard for small children.Carabiners for intended use only.