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Our Story

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Necessity IS the mother of invention!

Kristi, a mother of three young children, found that coordinating her children’s after-school activities was no small task and left a great deal of room for error. (Have you ever had your child on the bus while you are sitting in car line…? Then you race home trying to beat the bus! Or, how many times have you had to call the school office to relay a message to your child, or your child has called you during the school day?  Think about how disruptive that is to the teachers and your child?) With her homemade version of what was to become mybackpacktags, Kristi found the answer: Provide a child with the tools to be successful, and they will succeed! Every morning on the drive to school, Kristi and her children discuss their after-school plans. (Some days each child … Read More »

We Want Your Feedback.

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“What a great idea to help ease the worries and anxiety over children not knowing where to go after school – These tags really do serve their purpose and they made both Mom and Little One feel peace of mind amongst all the rushing after school.”


“Very creative and fun way to involve child in planning and organizing her day while communicating with school staff.  Great idea!”


“I like that it gives children ownership in the process of learning to be responsible.  It eliminates confusion and stress on everyone’s part.  They like taking responsibility to change their tags and feeling confident rather than confused about where they should go.  Thank you!!”


“It’s easy to use and I don’t have to write a note every day.  Great colors.  … Read More »

Got a Question? FAQ’s Here.

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If you have a question about our product please let us know at:
But first read our list of FAQs.


I don’t have time for one more thing in the morning.  Why should I use mybackpacktags?

Communicating plans with your child only takes a moment, and offers numerous benefits.

Children gain independence and confidence when their parents provide them with support and the tools to be successful.  Teachers are free to focus on teaching when they are not handling children’s after-school plans.  (No more distracting, last-minute phone calls and emails throughout the day.)  Parents can go about thier own busy day knowing that their child knows where to go!


What if my child travels between two houses?

Keep all the tags on the second carabiner and inside of your child’s back pack.  That way, the tags will be with your child at all times.  We do … Read More »